Customer Testimony, February 2011

Sandy Paws is outstanding. We took our two Shih-Tzus there recently and had the best service that we have ever had from a pet grooming service. At the time, our dogs had not been groomed for several months. They had picked up a few fleas and were matted where they had been scratching. Sandy Paw’s owner Jeff Little was extremely attentive to our dogs and what needed to be done. He cut their fur very short, eliminating all the mats, but still making them look cute. He also gave one of our dogs a flea dip because he found a flea on him. He provided us with excellent advice on caring for the dogs, including combing, feeding, and controlling the fleas. He suggests organic products that do not have chemicals and do not harm the dogs. He charges a minimal amount for all of his work. If you consider his overall knowledge, attention to detail, and his excellent prices, I do not believe you can duplicate Sandy Paws anywhere. Sandy Paws is the absolute BEST!!! Don’t go anywhere else!!!

Customer Testimony, January 2011

My fur baby (Odie) and I were having such a wonderful time at the dog park in Bradenton and near the water bowls, I saw a flier for a self-service dog wash. Which I thought was a very clever place for advertising, since that area was very muddy from all the slobber and water. After the dog park I noticed how brown my black lab mix was looking. So I called in and luckily they were open on a Sunday…!!! My buddy got to have a warm sudsy bath and my bathroom stayed completely hairless…!!! The owner, Jeff Little even gave us natural ear cleaning solution to clean his ears and around his eyes. Everyone was happy especially Odie…!!! Check them out…they have great prices and are very friendly. We’ll be back soon…!!!

Saving Mafia, the Pug Dog

News Story, August 2010

Jeff Little, owner of “Sandy Paws Self-Service Dog Wash,” saved the life of “Mafia” the pug last week, by performing Mouth-to-Snout resuscitation. Mafia, an excitable dog, stopped breathing and went limp during a grooming session. Jeff immediately sensed the dire condition and sprang into action. After a few minutes, Mafia started breathing on his own.

Mafia’s owner rushed him down the street where he was examined and released by the Vet. He was diagnosed with Hypertension. The Vet stated that Jeff saved Mafia. The grateful owner sent Jeff flowers in gratitude.

Jeff was then featured on two local news programs, Fox 13 Tampa Bay and Bay News 9.

He is our hero!